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Who We Are

Camberwell Consolidated Charities was formed in 1917 to provide extra income to pensioners in the old Parish of Camberwell (which includes Dulwich and Peckham). As long ago as 1758 a field was given to the local overseers so that the income could help local people. Camberwell Consolidated Charities still distributes the money raised from this and later gifts to the Parish. The crest of Camberwell Consolidated Charities is the wounded deer of St Giles, the Patron Saint of Camberwell.

Friends On A Walk

What we do and where

You can apply if:

• you are over 65 and of good character

• you have lived in the old parish of Camberwell, Dulwich or Peckham for more than two years

• you and your partner (if any) only have income at around the level of the State Pension.

A couple living together both qualify for a gift, they will receive between them 1½ times the amount paid to a single person.

Each year we offer gifts of money to people who need financial help because their income is at, or marginally above, the amount of the minimum State Pension.

The gifts are usually paid twice a year and are normally paid automatically for life if you continue to qualify. The gifts are only paid directly to a bank or building society account.

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